Learning at our School

At Pillans Point School we believe that learning at school should be seen as an ‘Adventure’ that is ongoing and never ending.

‘Adventurous Learning’ is a motto that guides our school's strategic direction as well as our school curriculum. We believe it is a motto that is aspirational, inspirational and achievable.

Through our ‘Adventurous Learning’ motto, the vision for our students and teachers is to ‘Seek new opportunities while challenging ourselves to grow as learners’. This is a model for teaching and learning, decision making and professional practice.

Seeking New Opportunities

Is about trying new things in our teaching and learning that engage and motivate us to want to learn. We consider research and development in educational fields as part of new opportunities.

Challenging Ourselves

Is about asking questions into what we are doing and why we are doing it. It is seeing teaching and learning as an inquiry process where we look to evaluate what we are doing and inquire into our next steps to improve outcomes for all learners in our school.


This is where we learn, refine and apply. We have developed skills and abilities and we begin to apply these as we work and learn.


This is our end goal, we are all learners. We want our school community all to be learners.

Seeking new opportunities while challenging ourselves to grow as learners’ is an ongoing cyclic process of teaching and learning.


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Our Logo

The Pillans Point School logo features a koru design that represents the  letter 'P' and the location of Pillans Point at the entrance of the Waikarero Estuary. Symbolically the koru means new beginnings, harmony, growth, strength and life.

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Learner Competencies

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The New Zealand Curriculum (NZC) document is designed and interpreted in a three-stage process: as the national curriculum, the school curriculum, and the classroom curriculum. The national curriculum provides the framework and common direction for schools, regardless of type, size or location. It gives schools the scope, flexibility and authority they need to design and shape their curriculum so that teaching and learning is meaningful and beneficial to their particular communities of students. NZC p37.

The ‘Pillans Point Learner Competencies’ have been designed and shaped to meet the needs of our school and the students from our community. They are the competencies that we want children to learn, know, develop and master as they move through our school from the age of five through to year six.

Research highlights a dual focus on academics and developing life skills is critical for children’s success. Mastery of such traits predicts children’s academic and future success throughout life as well, if not better, than academic success alone.

We believe that when learning and working through our five Pillans Point Competencies we will be applying the 5 Key Competencies outlined in the New Zealand Curriculum document in ‘meaningful contexts’ NZC p38. We see the Pillans Point School Learner Competencies as social competencies that will be learned alongside and through the traditional curriculum (Mathematics, Sciences, The Arts, Technology, Social Science, Health & Physical Education and English) both of which have equal importance within our classrooms.

The 5 Pillans Point Learner Competencies are:

Communicator (Kaiwhakamārama); Courageous(Hautoa); Connected (Honongatanga); Explorer(Kaitoro) and Team Player (Aro Tahi).

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Adventurous Learning Pathway

AL Pathway

Learning is a journey and as such should be made clear to children.

In learning we come across a number of hard times, things, experiences and sometimes have emotions that we are unsure about during these times. At Pillans Point School we call this the learning pathway. We all travel this pathway in our learning at a different pace, and come across different obstacles at different times.

At our school we have a visual model to help our children understand the journey down this path. In learning we often come across road blocks, pits or obstacles that require a number of personal traits, including having a growth mindset, showing GRIT, having Perseverance and Resilience. That good old kiwi never give up, I can do it attitude. It also has times where the path is smooth and can be travelled at times easily which can also be exciting.

We need to be able to learn from our Failures and Mistakes and know that when we ‘fail’ it is just our First Attempt In Learning. We use words like YET - “NOT YET” which means it can still happen.

Our Core Beliefs

• Learning is about the process not the product

• We all learn at a different pace

• Our brain grows as we learn

• Learning takes time and effort and is challenging

• We learn all our life

• Our learning can start at different points

• Everyone can learn it's not a fixed thing

• Mistakes are learning opportunities

• Be confident and have a go

Teaching Teams

Pillans Point School is set up in four teaching teams.  Our teaching teams are set up around age groups of children. 



Kiwi Team: New Entrant Y0-1


Tui Team: Y1-2 




Fantail Team: Y3-4



Moa Team: Y5-6


Adventure Time

Adventure Time is a time in our school week that caters to the abilities and curiosities of our students as well as enriches the curriculum opportunities we can offer our children.

Adventure time is an innovative programme that allows for further personalisation of learning across the curriculum. Opportunities for students to be engaged in adventure time occurs once a week across the whole school.

Adventure time caters for all students and gives them the opportunity do develop further our school learner attributes (Cross Competency Skills). It teaches the students how to be proactive in managing and taking responsibility for their learning. Learning opportunities in other areas such as learning a second language, creating a mural for the school, training for a sports or cultural event, and pursuing personal passions and interests are encouraged during this time.
Adventure time meets the needs of students, and is based on their interests. As such, it is flexible in nature and scope, and students can have input into its design. The programme allows the school to make full use of the strengths and interests of teachers, other staff, and members of the wider community.

As a parent with a passion or an interest that you would like to offer please contact school and you too can be part of Adventure Time.

Adventure Time



Seesaw is a simple way for teachers and students to record and share what's happening in the classroom.

Seesaw gives students a place to document their learning, be creative and learn how to use technology.

Each student gets their own journal and will add things to it, such as photos, videos, drawings, or notes.

When there are new Seesaw posts, families can be notified via app notification, email or SMS.

Parents are only notified about their own child’s work, and all data is safe and secure.




Get Seesaw for Your Device

Seesaw requires an invitation from your child's teacher in order to subscribe. Please contact your child's teacher here.




Our school houses begin from New Entrants through to Year 6.
Thanks to the support of Classic Builders all children enrolled at Pillans Point School in the first term of each year will receive a free house tee shirt. This tee shirt will be the property of each child and will not have to be returned to the school. After this date children will be able to purchase new house tee shirts as they grow out of their gifted tee shirt.
To help with the hype and excitement around school houses all families are in the same house. All staff are also part of a school house. Throughout each term students will have many opportunities to participate in house events and earn points for their house. At the end of each term and school year, the school house shield will be presented to the winning house.
Through their involvement in these groups, children will have fun and learn about how to further develop the school competencies in a variety of different contexts across the New Zealand curriculum.


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Back of Shirts



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