Principals Welcome

Tēnā koutou, tēnā koutou, tēnā koutou katoa
Nga mihi nui ki a koutou katoa

Hello everybody here
Warm greetings to everyone

At Pillans Point School we believe that learning at school should be seen as an ‘Adventure’ that is ongoing and never ending. Our role as a school is to build on the learning from home to give your children the skills and competencies to go on a great adventure in life.

‘Adventurous Learning’ is a motto that guides our schools strategic direction as well as our school curriculum. We believe it is a motto that is aspirational, inspirational and achievable.

Through our ‘Adventurous Learning’ motto, the vision for our students and teachers is to ‘Seek new opportunities while challenging ourselves to grow as learners’. This is a model for teaching and learning, decision making and professional practice.

Seeking New Opportunities

Is about trying new things in our teaching and learning that engage and motivate us to want to learn. We consider research and development in educational fields as part of new opportunities.

Challenging Ourselves

Is about asking questions into what we are doing and why we are doing it. It is seeing teaching and learning as an inquiry process where we look to evaluate what we are doing and inquire into our next steps to improve outcomes for all learners in our school.


This is where we learn, refine and apply. We have developed skills and abilities and we begin to apply these as we work and learn.


This is our end goal, we are all learners. We want our school community all to be learners.
Seeking new opportunities while challenging ourselves to develop and grow as learners’ is an ongoing cyclic process of teaching and learning.

The ‘Pillans Point Learner Competencies’ have been designed and shaped to meet the needs of our school and the students from our community. They are the competencies that we want children to learn, know, develop and master as they move through our school from the age of five through to year six.
Research highlights a dual focus on academics and developing life skills is critical for children’s success. Mastery of such traits predicts children’s academic and future success throughout life as well, if not better, than academic success alone.

We believe that when learning and working through our five Pillans Point Competencies we will be applying the 5 Key Competencies outlined in the New Zealand Curriculum document in ‘meaningful contexts’ NZC p38. We see the Pillans Point School Learner Competencies as social competencies that will be learned alongside and through the traditional curriculum (Mathematics, Sciences, The Arts, Technology, Social Science, Health & Physical Education and English) both of which have equal importance within our classrooms.

We have a talented team of teaching and support staff who work together to create the best possible teaching and learning opportunities for your children. We have a strong school culture that is built around many of the exciting things that happen within our school.

Our school is made up of four teaching teams based around children’s ages, as well as a School House system that encourages children of all ages to mix with each other. (Don’t worry, all families are in the same house too, this stops the morning arguments on which house is the best on X Country day!)

As a school we welcome parents to take a full and active part in their child's learning. We encourage you to have open communication with your child's teacher and the school leadership team. Should at any stage you wish to discuss your child in relation to their schooling please do not hesitate to make contact with us.

Ngā manaakitanga

Matt Simeon
Pillans Point School


Matt Simeon - Principal



Check out this cool video of our school. It gives you a brief insight of our daily life, school activities and environment.

Enrolment Procedure

All students who permanently reside in the school zone (as per the zone map) has automatic right to attend Pillans Point School. This is determined on the sighting of a proof of residency ( tenancy agreement, a property sales and purchase document, a rates or a power account). All documents must be current and dated within the month of your child starting school. It is important to note that enrolment does not commence until the day your child starts school.

The number of places for out of zone enrolments is determined each year by the Board, at their September meeting, for the following year.

Should you meet all of the criteria above please follow the instructions below to complete an online pre enrolment application. 


Pre Enrolment Application

To complete our online pre enrolment please click here or visit

School Code = 1894

Then enter your own personal email address.


Pre Enrolment Additional Information


Zone Information

School enrolment zones stop schools from getting overcrowded, and give children who live in the school area (the zone) a guarantee that they can go to their local school.

Home Zone

All students who live within the home zone described below (and shown on the attached map) shall be eligible to enrol at the school.

All children whose usual place of residence or who come to reside in the defined geographical area are entitled to enrol at Pillans Point School.

The geographical area is defined by the line on the attached map which indicates a half way distance by road to the neighbouring schools.

Out of Zone Enrolments

Each year the Board of Trustees will determine the number of places which are likely to be available in the following year for the enrolment of students who live outside the home zone. The Board will publish this information by notice in a daily or community newspaper circulating in the area served by the school. The notice will indicate how applications are to be made and will specify a date by which all applications must be received.

Applications for enrolments will be processed in the following order of priority:

First Priority

This priority is not applicable at this school because the school does not run a special programme approved by the Secretary for Education.

Second Priority

Will be given to applicants who are siblings of current students.

Third Priority 

Will be given to applicants who are siblings of former students.

Fourth Priority 

Will be given to any applicant who is a child of a former student of the school.

Fifth Priority 

Will be given to any applicant who is either a child of an employee of the board of the school or a child of a member of the board of the school.

Sixth Priority 

Will be given to all other applicants.

If there are more applicants in the second, third, fourth or fifth priority groups than there are places available, Selection within the priority group will be by ballot conducted in accordance with instructions by the

Secretary. Under Section 11G (1) on the Education Act 1989. Parents will be informed of the date of any ballot by notice in a daily or community newspaper circulating in the area served by the school.


Pillans Point School Zone 

TKI Website Zone
Click the image above to be redirected to an interactivemap of our school zone and nearby school zones. 

Search Pillans Point School to view our school. 

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Term Dates 2018


Term 1  - 1 February - 13 April
Term 2  - 30 April - 6 July
Term 3  - 23 July - 28 September
Term 4  - 15 October - 19 December

Easter Break 30 March - 3 April

Teacher Only Days 

Monday May 14th 

Public Holidays 

New Year's Day — Monday 1 January.
Day after New Year's Day — Tuesday 2 January.
Waitangi Day — Tuesday 6 February.
Good Friday — Friday 30 March.
Easter Monday — Monday 2 April.
ANZAC Day — Wednesday 25 April.
Queen's Birthday — Monday 4 June.
Labour Day — Monday 22 October.

Community Pool Use

Pillans Point School views the school pool as a resource for the community, outside of school hours.  Each summer (Approx. October - March) the school sells pool keys to member of our school community. 

In return, we ask that families using the pool respect it and use it as if it was their own pool in their backyard. 


Our school pool has 24/7 security camera coverage that we will use in the case of misuse of the pool area. 

Pool 1

Pool Rules 

Pool Rules

Download PDF


Pool Key Application


Parent Name *
Email *
Mobile Number *
Eldest Child's Name *
Child's Room Number *
Please provide us you bank account details so we are able to process your refund in bulk at the end of the season. Failure to do so may result in not getting your bond back. *



After submitting, you'll be redirected to our payment page to make a payment of $100.00 to complete the form submission.




Pillans Point School  has teamed up with Kukri to supply our school uniform . Kukri have been our valued supplier for over 6 years.

Uniform can be tried on and purchased either at School or online. The school holds stock of most items onsite.

Click on the pdf button below to download an order form.

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Main Uniform Garments

Polo Shirt $35



Shorts $35



 Skort $35



Bucket Hat $15

Bucket Hat


Wide Brim Hat $25

Wide Brim

Fleece $50



Jacket $60



Track Pants $50

Track Pants


Please click on the PDF button to download a sizing chart.

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All the school's policies and procedures are now available on-line. Just click here to be taken directly to our policies and procedures.

The site requires a user name and password to gain access. The required user name is pillanspoint and the password is pillans

To Review a Policy:

  1. Follow the blue link to "Schooldocs" and log in using the user name is pillanspoint and the password is pillans.
  2. Look for the red print and click on 'currently under review' . This is situated in the middle of  the page.
  3. Select a policy and read and it. You only need to review the grey printing at the top of the page as the supporting documentation will be reviewed at a later date. (If you chose to you may read the supporting documentation by clicking on the red print).
  4. Click on the Review Policy button (top right of page, bold black print).
  5. Log in by choosing your category in the drop down menu; either Parent, Staff Member or  Board Member.
  6. Secondly write your name (optional).
  7. Complete the response form.

For families without Internet access a review form can be collected form the office.

Thank you for taking the time to respond, your participation is appreciated.

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