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Tauranga is at Alert Level 2


H&S Principles for Pillans Point School at Level 2

  • Physical distancing within a school will be an extremely hard thing to establish, monitor and enforce for primary aged children.
  • Therefore, emphasis needs to be on robust hygiene practices (handwashing, sanitising and cleaning processes) for all people on-site throughout the day.
  • Contact tracing register (a combination of the school's timetable, attendance register and visitor register) will provide good information to health authorities in the case of a positive COVID test within the school community directly.
  • Sick staff and children will not attend school under any circumstance
  • Parents limiting their drop off and pick up time to less than 15 min which is a consistent practice under COVID19
  • Parents do not enter school spaces (classrooms, cloak bays, hall etc)


Pick Up and Drop Off Expectations

Please drop your children off at the gates or drop off bay rather than coming into school, or even better, have your child bike, scooter or walk to school to avoid congestion.

Pick a meeting point outside of the school gates so we don't get unnecessary congestion of people or traffic.

If you do come onto the school site please make sure that:

  1. you are onsite for less than 15 minutes (morning or afternoon)
  2. you do not enter the classroom, cloak bays or other areas of the school under any circumstance (1 in 1 out for the office)
  3. you maintain a safe distance from other people within the school grounds
  4. you follow the necessary hygiene protocols around handwashing and use of sanitiser pre and post being on the school site.

Children who need support with transitioning from parent to teacher:

We ask that you make contact with your child's teacher (in some cases that we know of prior to lockdown teachers will also contact some parents) and make a plan for this to happen outside of the classroom. We will work with you and your child to make this as less stressful as possible.

Pillans Point School is a member of
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