KJs Studio


KJs Studio offers Jazz dance lessons twice a week at Pillans during lunchtimes in the school hall. KJs is super popular with our children and it's amazing for those that are busy after school!







Musiqhub offer Guitar, Keyboard and Ukulele lessons during school time! We have been lucky enough to have Musiqhub here at Pillans for a long time now and we are so excited to have them back in 2023.

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The Jam Bus 


Jam Bus are brand new to Pillans in 2023 and offer music lessons during school time on their awesome bus. Please see the info below!


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The Gymnastics Academy 


The Gymnastics Academy was new to Pillans in 2022 and has been a massive hit with the kids - so make sure you get in fast for 2023! 

They offer tumbling classes during lunchitmes in the Hall.