Rippa Rugby and Quick Rip - Information and Registration

Registrations for Term 4 are now open


The game:

Rippa Rugby is available for Years 1 - 4

Quick Rip is available for Years 5 & 6

The main differences between Rippa & Quick Rip are: there are lineouts when the ball goes out; scrums if the ball is passed forward or there is a knock on; and you can kick the ball in general play and for restarts after tries are scored.

Year 1 & 2 Rippa teams have 5 players on the field at all times, on a reduced field size (half a regular field), with up to 2 subs.

Year 3-6 Rippa & Quick Rip teams have 7 players on the field with up to 3 subs that can rotate in at any time. With mixed teams, there must be at least one girl on the field at all times. 

Click here for Rippa Rugby Rules

Click here for Quick Rip Rules



Fergusson Park, Matua


Season dates:

Games are played on Tuesdays, starting 5 November and finishing 10 December 2019.


Game times:

Played on Tuesdays.

Year 1 & 2 games will kick off at 4.00pm, with the last round starting no later than 5.30pm. 
Draws will be e-mailed to coaches and managers who will distribute to the team.



$30 per player.

This can be paid:

- via the school website online payments section

- at the school office: cash, eftpos, cheque or credit accepted

- alternatively through online banking: Pillans Point School - 12 3146 0027832 02. Please use 'Child's name' and 'Rippa' or 'QuickRip' as references.

** Please note that your child will not be entered into a team unless this form has been filled out and payment has been made by Monday 23rd September**



To be confirmed by your coach/manager when the teams have been put together.



A uniform top will be loaned to the children before the season starts, these must be returned when the season finishes. The cost of borrowing this is included in the term fee, however if the allocated shirt is not returned, clean at the end of the season you will be charged for a replacement shirt.

Children can wear their own shorts, blue would be preferred but that’s not essential. The children play in bare feet, no shoes.


Extra-Curricular Sports Code of Conduct:

All players and parents are required to agree to follow the PPS Extra-curricular Sports Code of Conduct. You can view this here: Pillans Point Extra-curricular Sports Code of Conduct



Coaches hold the team practises and are present to coach during games.

Managers are responsible for team logistics and organisation e.g. correspondence of practise and game times to all members of the team; key point of contact for PPS Sports & Events Co-ordinator.

These roles can be shared across parents if required. Without parents volunteering for these roles; we are unable to submit teams.

Referees will be provided by the BOP Rugby Union.


Rippa Rugby & Quick Rip Term 4 Registration:

Child's first name *
Child's surname *
Year level *
Room number *
Child's DOB *

This is to pass onto the WBOP Junior Rugby Officer . It will not be passed to anyone else and will remain confidential.

Are you happy for your e-mail address and mobile number to be shared with the team for contact purposes? *

This helps our Sports Co-ordinator, coaches and managers pass on details about practices, game times etc

Parent's name *
Mobile number *
E-mail address *
Did your child play Rippa Rugby in Term 1 this year? *
If yes, please name which team they were in? *
Would your child like to be in the same team as Term 1 if possible? *
Are you available to coach a team? *

Only basic coaching is needed, it's more about giving children some adult support to help them with basic Rippa Rugby & Quick Rip skills and team work. If there is enough interest we will be able to bring in a coach to run a training session with the players and new coaches.

Are you available to manage a team?

Being the Team Manager involves being the team's key point of contact with the PPS Sports Co-ordinator.; and passing all correspondence from the Sports Co-ordinator to the team.

You would be responsible for logistics and organisation of the team. i.e. confirming practise times and game times with the team. 

If you are able to coach or manage a team are you happy for your contact details to be shared with the Kiwi Tag co-ordinator to communicate cancellations etc? *
If your child has any medical or other reason which may affect their ability to play or follow coaches instructions please give us some information here which you would be happy for us to share with the coach/manager in confidence
I have read and agree to the guidelines of Extra-curricular Sports Code of Conduct. *



This form requires a payment of $30.00 to complete the form submission.
This can be paid now, via our payments page, or later by paying the School Directly.

If you choose to 'PAY NOW', after submitting this form, you'll be redirected to our payment page to make the payment and complete the form submission.
Failure to complete the payment will mean the form ISN'T submitted to the School.

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