Netball - Information and Registration

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Registrations close on 20th March 2024



MOTHER EARTH Future Ferns – Year 1 & 2 – The focus at this age group is on exploring Netball and the development of fundamental movement and ball skills. It allows players to catch, pass, and shoot from day one, providing a fun introduction to the sport.

All equipment on game day for Year 1 & Year 2 participants will be provided by Tauranga Netball Centre


MOTHER EARTH Future Ferns – Year 3 & 4 – The focus on this age group is learning the basic skills in a modified game. The Year 3 & 4 programme is designed to be fast and fun, maximising participation. There are five players in each team and rotating positions so that everyone gets an equal chance to develop their skills.


MOTHER EARTH Future Ferns – Year 5 - The focus for this age group is for all players to get plenty of touches on the ball to enhance skill development and enjoyment. The game continues to be modified; being played 6 vs 6 players on a full-size court with lowered goal posts (2.6m) Players rotate to prevent early specialisation in positions. With 3 positions only in the game, Centre, Attack and Defence.


MOTHER EARTH Future Ferns - Year 6 - Following the successful trial in 2022 of Year 6 players moving to full 7 aside netball, Year 6 teams at Tauranga Netball Centre will continue to play full 7 aside netball, including rotating through all positions to develop a broad skill set.
Year 6 players move onto Intermediate Schools with the knowledge of how to play 7 aside netball ensuring that players can confidently showcase their skills when trialling for teams.
By moving Year 6 players in line with Year 7 players we are able to lift the overall skill set of the players both individually and as a combined local talent group. Goal posts will be at full height.


Year 6 teams will be graded. Grading games for the TEAM will be played on Saturday 18th May 2024. Year 1 - 5 teams will NOT be graded.


UmpiresAll yr 5&6 teams will need to provide an umpire for each game. Yr 1-4 teams do not require an umpire, but will need a coach or manager available to guide them.



Games for all Year levels are played at the Tauranga Netball Centre (Cnr Hull & Maunganui Roads).


Season Dates:

Year 6 grading: 18th May 2024

First game (yr 1-6): Saturday 25th May 2024


Game Times:

Year 1 & 2 teams - Saturday game

Start times between 12:30pm - 1:30pm


Year 3 & 4 teams - Saturday game

Start times between 10:00am - 2:30pm


Year 5 teams - Saturday game

Start times between 1.30pm - 2.30pm


Year 6 teams - Saturday game

Start times between 10.30am - 12pm

These times are just indicative and will depend on the number of team registrations and Tga Netball's ability to fit all teams on their 19 courts in one time slot. 

Practises will take place at school lunchtimes, before or after school. Days and times to be confirmed by the team Coach or Manager.



Yr 1-5  $55 per player, for the season Term 2 & 3

Yr 6 $70 per player, for the season Term 2 & 3

including the hire of a PPS netball dress (this does not include the cost of an umpire).



A school netball dress will be loaned to each player before the first game of the season. Black or dark blue boxer briefs / tight shorts are to be worn underneath. Players are not allowed to wear coloured stockings, rugby socks, skivvies or bike pants that hang below the uniform. Players will be allowed to wear black thermal wear under their uniform dress if required.
Y1&2 do not require bibs. Bibs will be loaned by PPS for Y3&4 and Y5&6 teams.

*Earrings, studs, taonga’s, watches, bracelets, shall not be worn. NO JEWELLERY!! *
*Fingernails must be short and smooth*

*Hair must be suitably tied back*



Coaches hold the team practises and are present to coach during games.

Managers are responsible for team logistics & organisation e.g. correspondence of practise and game times to all members of the team; key point of contact for PPS Sports & Events Co-ordinator & Harbourside Netball. Managers are also responsible for collecting the team's uniforms at the end of the last game; cleaning them and returning the set of uniforms to the office 7-10 days after the last game.

These roles can be shared across parents if required. You do not need to have previous experience coaching. Without parents volunteering for these roles; WE ARE UNABLE TO SUBMIT TEAMS.



PPS Statement of Intent: Children in Sport

All parents should be aware of the PPS Sport Statement of Intent. Click here to view PPS Sport Statement of Intent.


Extra-curricular Sports Code of Conduct

All players and parents are required to agree to follow the PPS Extra-curricular Sports Code of Conduct. Click here to view Pillans Point Extra-curricular Sports Code of Conduct