Statement of Intent for Children in Sport

At Pillans Point School relationships are at our core. Extra-Curricular sports should be inclusive; fun and relationship building.

Participating in Extracurricular Sports at PPS is about HAVING FUN and PLAYING WITH FRIENDS.


  • Form teams based on:
    • review of previous terms’/years’ teams
    • years / grades as per the codes’ specifications, rules and requirements
    • logistical issues i.e. transport/carpooling to allow ALL kids that want to play the chance to do so
    • review of previous/current coaches’ feedback to the Sports Coordinator; with final decisions being made by the Sports Coordinator and Principal.
  • Embrace and encourage all players in the team. Respecting, valuing and embracing all strengths and weaknesses.
  • Focus on having FUN, participation, growing as a team and NOT only on winning.
  • Provide equal opportunities to all children, regardless of skill level.
  • Build positive relationships within and across teams.
  • Show respect and support to all referees and umpires
  • Follow the PPS Extra-Curricular Sports Code of Conduct



  • Hold trials prior to forming teams
  • Make kids feel they are “not good enough” to play in a team
  • Give more game time to, or overplay, talented players
  • Put down, ridicule or make any players feel inferior
  • Turn players away when there are spaces available within a team.