Pillans Point places a strong emphasis on physical education and physical activity. There are many opportunities for children to engage in both curriculum based and extra-curricular activities. Sports teams that play in competitions outside of school hours include netball, miniball, basketball, hockey, volleyball, cricket, kiwitag and rippa rugby.

During term time we usualy have one main sports events per term. These include Splash n Dash, Triathlon, Swimming Sports, Cross Country and Athletics. Parents are welcome to attend these events with us. We ask that children wear their house tee shirts on any day they are competing in a school or team sports event. 

Inter-school sporting opportunities usually occur from Year 4 up and include swimming, cross-country, athletics, gymnastics, rugby, hockey, netball, cricket and miniball.


X Country

Extra Curricular Sport

Extra Curricular Sports are offered during term time, in after school or weekend competitions. There is usually an additional cost to participate in these sports. Costs depend on the local governing body of the sport and is often associated with the cost of venues such as Trustpower Stadium. 

Sports offered at PPS are outlined on this table. Please use the registration link to register your child. 


Registrations for Term 1 2020 are now closed.

Term 1&4

Year: Yr 3-6
Day sport is played:

Friday afternoon/evenings



Information: click here
Rippa Rugby
Year: Yr 1-6
Day sport is played:

Tuesday afternoons


Fergusson Park, Matua

Information: click here
Flippa Ball
Year: Yr 3-6
Day sport is played:

Tuesday afternoon/evenings


Memorial Pools

Information: click here
Kiwi Tag
Year: Yr 3-6
Day sport is played:

Monday afternoons / evenings



Mitchell Park, Seymour Place, Otumoetai

Information: click here
Year: Yr 1-6
Day sport is played:

Saturday mornings*

*If your child is Yr 1-3 and hasn't played before please follow the register button where you can find out more about Superstar Cricket and how to register with them.



Information: click here


Code of Conduct

I will:

  • Always play by the rules
  • Play fair at all times and display good sportsmanship
  • Co-operate and show respect towards my coach, manager and team mates
  • Treat all players as I like to be treated. I will not bully or take unfair advantage of another competitor
  • Respect the rights, dignity and worth of all participants, regardless of their gender, ability, cultural background or religion
  • Display self control at all times i.e. never argue with an umpire/referee. If I disagree with a decision made I am to inform the umpire/referee, coach, manager or an official at half-time or after the game so the necessary action can be taken
  • Control my temper. I understand that verbal or physical abuse of officials or other players will not be tolerated
  • Always attend training sessions unless there is a reasonable excuse. Regular non-attendance may result in limited game time.
  • Arrive at games with the correct gear i.e. mouthguards, shin pads etc and make sure I am dressed appropriately for the sport

I will:

  • Remember that players participate for enjoyment, winning is only part of the fun
  • Encourage children in their efforts.
  • Always be positive and never ridicule or yell at players for making a mistake or not winning
  • Be reasonable in demands on players’ time, energy and enthusiasm
  • Give all players equal attention and opportunities. Avoid overplaying the talented players
  • Set good examples, never shout, argue or swear at your team or the opposition
  • Respect referees/umpires decisions
  • Ensure players know the rules and encourage them to play by them
  • Encourage good sportsmanship, shaking hands at the end of game - win or lose

I agree to:

  • Support and encourage all children to play by the rules and respect the officials’ and coaches’ decisions
  • Always give positive comments that motivate and encourage continued effort, and never ridicule or shout at players
  • Show appreciation to those people who volunteer their time so my child can play sport
  • Never place pressure on my child to play or perform
  • Make an effort to understand the rules of the game
  • Never use bad language, or harass players, coaches, officials or other spectators
  • Never arrive at the venue intoxicated
  • Not pressure my child in any way, I know that this is their game and not mine
  • Understand that the coach is not responsible for my child/ren. If I cannot be at a practice or a game I will make sure the coach is aware, and put the necessary transport plans in place.