Back 2 School Information 2019

January Office Opening

The office will re-open on Wednesday 30th January 2019.

Most things can be purchased and sorted online via our website.

Uniform sales will be onsite from this date too.

If you need to make contact outside of these dates please email Matt Simeon Principal

Sport Registrations

Sports Registrations will be open from Jan 21st.

Registrations are located on the school website under sport.

Term 1 Starts at 9am on Monday 4th February 2019

Term Dates:

Term 1 4th February - 12th April
Term 2 29th April - 5th July
Term 3 23rd July - 27th September
Term 4 14th October - 19th December


All payments will be live on the school website on Monday 21st Jan 2019.

Please ensure you have your bank account login and details ready as our online payment allows you to login directly to your bank account to pay.


School Donation 

We invite our school families to partner with us at Pillans Point School, so that we can continue to provide our children with the best Adventurous Learning opportunities in 2019.

Payment of the School Donation fee of $100 pays for ...

  • School pool (maintenance and running cost for the year)
  • Additional Reading resources (instructional books)
  • Additional Library books (recreational reading)
  • Additional Maths resources
  • Art and craft supplies
  • Music and drama resources
  • Sports Co-ordinator role (contribution)
  • Sports Equipment
  • Sports Uniforms
  • Digital tools for learning (iPads, apple tv, chromebooks)
  • IT Technician (contribution)
  • Enviroschool initiatives (school garden and planned planting)

Your school donation can be claimed as a Tax Credit. To claim, complete the Tax Credit Claim Form (IR526) and attach your receipt.

Activity Fee

To streamline the payment system for various experiences and events, we request parents to pay a one off annual activity fee of $65.00 (adjusted for learners starting throughout the year).

The Activity Fee covers costs for all trips and adventures planned for 2019 such as Gobsmacked, Funky Fun days, Art Gallery visits, EOTC experiences, visiting shows and water safety courses.

Please note that Senior school camp does incur a separate cost as does one off events that children sign up for such as choir and kapahaka.


We like to encourage families to purchase our school stationery packs which are very competitively priced through Bay Office Products. This also takes the hassle out of having to go shopping for stationery and also ensures the quality of the stationery so it lasts throughout the year. We also have great after sales service where any faulty stationery is replaced with no fuss to families or school.

Packs can be purchased via our website and will be available from 21st January 2019. It is as simple as going to the front page of the school website and clicking on the yellow 'pay online' tab.

As a school, we prefer payments online thanks.

The screen shots below shows you the simple process for paying for your child's Donation, Activity Fee and Stationery Pack.

Once confirmation of payment has been confirmed in our bank account, the stationery pack will be labelled with your child’s name and delivered to their classroom on the first day back at school.

For stationery packs not ordered and paid for through the website, you will still be able to pay online direct to the school bank account number: 12-3146-0027832-02 using your child’s name and 'stationery' as a reference.

Eftpos, cash purchases / payments for the above items will be available at school on Wednesday 30th January, Thursday 31st January, Friday 1st February from 9am to 3pm.

Stationery is being sold from Rm 12 and Uniform is being sold from Rm 18.

Optional - All stationery paid for prior to the first day of 2019 can be picked up from school on day 1 and taken home for covering of books.

Optional – Moa team children can provide headphones to use with learning devices.

If you would like to purchase your own stationery, please contact the office for a list of what your child needs.

Please Note: Our bank account is now ASB 12-3146-0027832-02


Eftpos, cash, cheque purchases / payments for the uniform items will be available at school (from rm 18) on Wednesday 30th January, Thursday 31st January, Friday 1st February from 9am to 2pm.

Uniform Expectations


All students are to arrive at school and leave from school in their Pillans Point uniform.
Uniforms are to be worn clean, neat and tidy
Students are encouraged to take pride in wearing their school uniform
Nail polish and cosmetics are not permitted
Second hand uniforms may be available
Full school uniform will be worn to school Monday - Thursday. Children can wear their House tee shirt on Fridays with the school short/skort.

Items of jewellery can be easily lost or damaged at school. They may also cause injury to the wearer or other students. For safety reasons these are not to be worn. The school accepts no responsibility in the case of loss, damage or injury.

However, students may wear:

a) one small earring stud per ear
b) a necklace of religious or cultural significance - to be worn underneath polo shirt
c) a medical identification tag as required
d) a School Adventurous Learner band.

During summer (Terms 1 and 4), all pupils are encouraged to apply sunscreen at home before school and are expected to wear the regulation school sunhat while outdoors.

Our Sun Smart policy is: No hat - play in the shade.

Purchasing Additional Uniform items

The school has stock on hand should you require additional uniform items.

If you have any uniform enquiries or need to purchase uniforms please contact Loretta in the office or email

School Communication

We use a variety of communication tools at Pillans Point School to keep you updated on all of the latest news, events and achievements. These include...

  • Pillans Point Facebook Page
  • Weekly Newsletters (emailed home every Friday during term time) Click here to register
  • Pillans Point Website
  • 'Up School' App (see below)
  • email (person's first name, initial of surname followed by
  • telephone (07 576 9407)
  • face to face contact

Updated School App

Please delete the old app and install this one as our original app no longer works.

The APP is called UP school and you chose Pillans Point School within this app.



Medication Requirements

Just a reminder and some clarification about the health and safety procedures for all medications at school.

For both long term medication such as asthma atomisers, epi-pens, ointments etc and any short term medicines for a recent illness, such as antibiotics. The school must have on file a Medicine Authority Form completed by the parent. This gives the school written consent to administer the correct dosage to your child and it is recorded in our register.

The exception however, is for pain relief medication such as Panadol, Pamol, Paracetomol liquid (but not asprin). We can only administer one dosage and if more is needed then parents will be contacted and the child should go home.

For safety reasons all medication must be presented to the office by a parent/caregiver (not a child) for safe storage in the sickbay or staff fridge.

It is at this time when the medicine form must be completed giving consent to administer the medicine. It is then placed on our school records. A child can not just bring in the medication to the office. Without a form completed, the medicine can not be given.

A child will approach their class teacher when their medication is needed, they then come to the school office where our office staff administer the medicine, which is in a named container, and the dosage is recorded in our medicine register.

A child should not have medicine of any type in their school bag. When children go off site for an event then the teacher will collect any medications needed by the children in their care from the sick bay and it will be transported in the first aid kit.

Please make sure we have your correct contact details on record at all times to ensure we can contact you if and when required.