Cricket - Information and Registration

Registrations for Term 1 have now closed.

Cricket is available during Terms 1 & 4 of each school year.

The below cricket form is for children who have played cricket before. If your child is a beginner and in Year 1, 2 or 3 they can go along to the ‘Superstar Cricket Academy’ which is held on Saturday mornings 9am – 10am at Fergusson Park, Matua. Alternatively on Friday evenings at Greerton or Mount Maunganui.  This is a skills based programme where children learn whilst having fun.

Click here to register for the Superstar Cricket Academy

If they have played cricket before and are ready for the next step depending on experience and age they will be put into a team in either Division 1, 2 or 3.

The Game:
Division 1
Approximate age group: Blue – school year 5 (& year 6 who are less skilled.) Gold – school year 5/6 more skilled
Teams to be of 8 Players (9 may play by agreement of the coaches)
Hours of play 9.00am – 12.00 noon
Games to comprise of 20 x 6 ball overs each innings
Teams are to supply own gear
A two piece 142gm leather ball is to be used

Division 2
Approximate age group: Blue – school year 3 (& year 4 who are less skilled) Gold school year 4 – (& year 5 who are less skilled.)
Teams are to be of 8 players
Teams must even up numbers if possible instead of bowling or batting players twice
Hours of play 9.00am – 11.30am
Teams are supply own gear
Ball to be used is the Incrediball/Wonderball – Junior Size (both Coaches agree on ball before play starts
Games to comprise of 20 overs each innings or 2 equal innings depending on numbers per team
The length of the pitch to be agreed to between Coaches up to a minimal length of 18 metres

Divison 3
Approximate age group: – School Year 1 – 2 (and less skilled Year 3)
Teams to be of 6 Players (or an equal number of players)
Teams must be evened up. Use players from other team for fielding and bat your own players again if necessary.
Hours of play 9.00am – 10.00am.
All equipment supplied at venues.
Games to comprise of 2 equal innings.
2 Bats, yellow synthetic ball and two sets of stumps required per game.


Superstar Cricket Academy
School Years 1,2,3
40mins skills and 20min games.
Coaching the basic skills of Cricket – Batting, Bowling, Throwing and Stopping.
Mixture of Skills and small group games.
Encouragement and participation.
Introduction to Fairplay.
Involving parents to assist and learn basic coaching skills.

Thursday evenings

Blake Park, Mount Maunganui 4.30pm - 5.30pm Starts Thursday 7th February

Friday evenings
Pemberton Park, Greerton 5pm - 6pm Starts Starts Friday 8th February
Blake Park, Mt Maunganui 5pm - 6pm  Starts Friday 8th February

Saturday mornings
Fergusson Park, Matua 9am - 10am Starts Starts Saturday 9th February, see below for details:

Div 1, Div 2 & Div 3
Varies depending on the draw, games are played home and away.

Season Dates:
The season starts Saturday 9th February (this is a friendly and will only be played if teams are organised in time), the competition games start on Saturday 16th February and finals day on Saturday 30th March.

Game Times:
Games are played home and away on Saturday mornings starting at 9.00am, children should be at the game by 8.45am in front of the club room, ready for a 9.00am start. Div 2 play until around 11.00am, Div 1 play until 12.00pm. The draw is e-mailed to the managers to distribute to their team before the game, alternatively you can check the draw directly, under tab above.

Cricket subs are $35.00 for all Divisions.

This can be paid by following the online payments section on the school website or at school via cash, Eftpos or cheque. Alternatively through online banking:
School Bank Account Number: 12 3146 0027832 02 (Please note this is a new account number for Pillans Point School as of 22nd August 2018).  Please use ‘Child’s name’ and ‘Cricket’ as references.

** Please note that your child will not be entered into a team unless this form has been filled out and payment has been made by Friday 1st February **


Superstars Cricket Academy – There is no uniform

Div 3 – A sports uniform is not compulsory for Div 3 players. If they have a sports top then they can wear that, if not their school polo shirt would be fine.

Div 2 – Children will need a sports uniform, if they haven’t got one already it can be purchased from the uniform shop on Mondays or Fridays between 8.30am – 9.00am, or Wednesdays between 2.30pm and 3.00pm. Some children choose to wear white shorts/white with their sports top instead which is fine.

Div 1 – Children will need a sports uniform top, this can be worn with white shorts/whites and suitable shoes.

To be registered each team must have a manager who is a point of contact for WBOP Cricket. It would also be preferable for each team to have a coach and parents are required to help with basic scoring and umpiring.

If you require any further information about Saturday cricket please e-mail

Parents will be on a roster to help with the game. Rostered parents are requested to assist with team organisation and to act as scorers. If you are unable to attend on your rostered day please arrange a substitute and contact the coach. Coaches are responsible for the gear.

Click here to view Pillans Point Extra-curricular Sports Code of Conduct